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How does the service work?
Instead of many different passwords you can now remember the single one only: your pass-phrase. You can choose it once forever and it is always the same for all passwords. The passwords to particular pages are derived from the pass-phrase using suitable cryptographic functions.
For particular pages, to obtain the same password each time you have to enter your target pages as well as the pass-phrase always the same way, including the same letter case.
Examples (password with 12 alphanumeric characters)
Target pagesPass-phraseResulting password
national opera viennathe quick brown fox jumpedvQsXyNW3fhx8
amazonthe quick brown fox jumpedIG0Dh1sgfnfq
gmail.comthe quick brown fox jumpedSgJGw82aCZAE
gmail.comThe quick brown fox jumped*)3azdyFzVylCM
*) Even a negligible change in the pass-phrase results in the totally different password.
The biggest advantage of this service is the fact that your passwords are never stored, so that they cannot be stolen by any hacker. What is more, your passwords are available to you always and anywhere, regardless whether you access the internet from your PC, smartphone, tablet or any other device.
How should I choose a proper pass-phrase?
Your pass-phrase should be hard to guess. For instance, you can invent your own rhyme, not known to anybody.
The pass-phrase should be long enough, to be robust against dictionary attacks. For strong password use at least 20 letters, more is better.
Which password length should I use?
Generally said, a longer password is better. The default length 12 characters is sufficient for most cases. There is always at least one lower-case and one upper-case letter among with at least one digit present in the password. If you ask for special characters too, at least one special character will be present as well.
If the pages does not allow to use so long password, you will have to use a password with 8 characters only. In this case try whether special characters are allowed in the password - the password strength will be increased.
For professional use choose 16 character length, ideally including special characters.
I have more accounts at one server. How can I obtain a different password for each account?
If you need to act under multiple accounts at one particular server, choose different pass-phrase for each user name.
Another option is to use stronger password (16 characters) for a professional use, while for personal use to keep the length of 12 characters.
Is the service secure against hackers?
Yes, it is. The security of your private information is provided by multiple levels of protection.
• The whole communication between your browser and our server is encrypted by a trusted certificate, signed by a renowned international certification authority. This way the communication is protected against any eavesdropper.
• Before your data are sent to our server some cryptography is involved. An unidirectional hashing function transforms your data into the form, which does not allow to find the original input data. It means that even we ourselves cannot learn anything about you.
• At us, another cryptography is applied on your data and the password is generated. The password is never stored at us and is sent immediately in encrypted form back to you.
• Neither at you is the password stored; it is not necessary.